Saturday, June 03, 2006

Slower, Slightly Less Stupid

Wow. People actually care about shit. This is truly amazing me. Well, maybe they care for the wrong reasons, but still...

I'm scraping together a bunch of really fine cars for the RaceLegal program. Kinda tough to get people to give you cars for free--we don't have any support from local government, even though the sheriff's office and the local PDs came out and said, "Give this dude money now."

-Mitsubishi EVO VIII RS (stripped-down EVO with all the goodies the regular one has, with the exception of the big rear wing; no A/C or stereo)
-Subaru WRX
-Honda Civic Si
-Acura RSX
-Dodge SRT4
-Ford Focus SVT (list price is $32k, but you can get them used for cheap)
-Mazda Miata
-Mini Cooper S-Works
-Toyota Celica

So yes...we have enough cars to keep it interesting. There are basic front-drivers for people getting started, a light little rear-drive roadster for when they get acquainted, and some real powerhouses for when they get a clue (namely, the EVO, the WRX, and the SVT). And, of course, there's always the run-what-ya-brung option. We'll be using the local track, which is a sort of semi-GT course, and which has a nice little technical autocross track in the middle so beginners can learn things. All the cars listed above will be restricted to that autocross track, to keep the speeds down and prevent people from wrecking the damn things. Dealerships donated them to help sell their products. I just went around and said that we were doing this, and named the models I wanted. I was offered a Chevy Cobalt SS, but those suck, and I'm not gonna attach my name to such a travesty of a car.

The new Skyline is coming along nicely, and I heard that the new owner of the old one loves it. Thus far, I've installed an adjustable suspension and gave it the stock settings. Why? Because the car already has an ideal handling personality, I just wanted to improve how those settings are applied. Better damping, things like that. The engine is still stock with the exception of a tuned ECU, straight-pipe exhaust with a racing silencer, and cold air intake. I'm going to rip it out and send it to an as-yet-undetermined shop to have the head ported and polished, and the weights balanced. I'm not sure if I want to bore the cylinders out any. I mean, the added torque would be lovely, but I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice the engine response (and I've recently rediscovered my love of drifting). Ditto for a larger turbo.

I also plan on upgrading the soundsystem. Touch-screen LCD head unit in the dash, 5.1 surround sound speaker setup, with two high-powered 10" subs in the trunk. I want to be able to thump hard enough to frighten lesser drivers, watch a movie in surround sound if I'm ever bored (and to merely have the ability to do that), and still have really great, accurate sound reproduction for when excessive bass is really inappropriate (like at work).

But yeah...right back down the same old path.


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