Monday, March 06, 2006

Germany! Again!

Nurburgring has not changed a bit since I left it. Which is just fine. I got two runs in on it yesterday, another three scheduled today. The Car--which is about all I can say about it, a la Non-Disclosure Agreement--is very, very nice. I can say that they've got it too dialed in. One of the reasons why the Ring is so great for testing a production car is that it rewards a smoothness, forgiveness, and stability. Set something up like a racer, with super-stiff spring rates, non-flexing antiroll bars, and ultra-low ride heights, and the Ring will promptly throw your ass off.

Which is why I rolled the damn prototype into the grass twice on its inaugural run. Super-stiff, so finely balanced it went sideways with too little effort, with very curious tires that had amazing grip but absolutely no progressive breakaway whatsoever. One minute, everything is fine. The next, the car is perpendicular to the road. Not really my fault...this usually happened at the tail end of a downhill turn that had a bump in it, and I finally figured out that it was because the crappy suspension was bottoming out.

But, that's all fixed now. I can turn an 8:49 lap with the thing, which is not half-bad (a JGTC car can run an 8:00 most of the time, and my personal record is 7:49). Also, I can keep it on the road the whole length of the track, which is also good. We're gonna play around with this some more, and then I have to do a meeting, followed by another car for testing and another damn meeting before flying back home to return to school. Thank God Lisa's with me...the problem is that we run into all these people that, you know, know me, and then I have to figure out a way to stealthily explain that me and her are in a slightly more involved relationship than "I'm screwing her at the moment".


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